Lapwing Lodge started Life as a Sanatorium for Coats Mill workers in April 1911. At this time the corridor windows were opened to the elements for the patients to be wheeled out into the fresh air to recover and the glass roof provided plenty of light (fresh air was the only help until we got penicillin). It remained in their ownership until 1955.

In 1959 it was offered to Paisley Burgh and Renfrew County Council, but rejected, after which the building deteriorated. Ownership changed again this time to the Red Cross in 1960 and Paisley Scouts used the grounds for camping.

In 1968 Renfrewshire County Scout Council negotiated a 20 year lease from The Health Board. In 1988 Renfrew and Inverclyde Regional Scout Council bought Peesweep from Renfrew District Council, and started to improve the deteriorated building and add to the accommodation and site.

The name was changed in 1983 from Peesweep to Lapwing Lodge.

In recent years Lapwing Lodge has employed a full time warden who along with the Lapwing Lodge Management Board are responsible for the day to day running of the centre, the centre has grown and developed now working in partnership with Kibble Education.

In April 2015 Lapwing Lodge hosted the First wedding on site. The Wedding was a complete success with fantastic weather for the entire event Derek and Angle Walsh held their reception in a large marquee on the back field with guest partying into the very early morning.